Rey Mysterio has developed a bit of estranged relationship with longtime employer WWE following his exit from the company earlier this year. Still, Mysterio is outspoken about the company and its fans.

While speaking to WrestleTalkTV, Mysterio was asked about working with John Cena, and his talent level within the confines of the squared circle.

“I think when he wants to perform, he performs at a very high level. I had a chance to see that working with him several times. I enjoyed very much working with him,” said Rey.

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Mysterio also spoke out about the polarizing fan reaction that Cena often gets from crowds, and compares it to Roman Reigns.

“The fans maybe thing the opposite, or are probably tired of seeing John Cena so much. That might be because they just want to see another Superstar out there. Then when you get it, they don’t like that either. They were given Roman Reigns, but they didn’t want him,” Mysterio said.

Mysterio elaborated on the fan reactions, and said now more than ever, fans are in control of the product put forth.

“The fans get to pick who they want, that’s what’s really shocking. If they want Daniel Bryan, please don’t give it to us halfway. I think sometimes it’s good to listen to the fans and give them what they want. They’re the ones who buy the tickets and pay for the T-shirt. Keep them happy,” Mysterio said.

You can see Rey Mysterio’s full comments on the matter above.