John Cena On His Surprise Cameo In Major Movie (Audio), Cena - Tina Fey "Sisters" Clip, WWE Shop

- As noted, John Cena has a cameo in the upcoming Will Ferrell – Mark Wahlberg comedy Daddy's Home, which hits theatres on December 24th. We first reported on the role in March. We were on hand for a WrestleMania 31 press event, where Cena talked about his role in the film as well as if he would scale down his WWE schedule, which you can listen to above.


"I was able to sneak into a Mark Wahlberg – Will Ferrell movie tentatively titled Daddy's Home," Cena said. "I have a very, very small role, but the movie's going to be hysterical." When asked if he could reveal any details about the role, Cena quickly replied, "No."

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- Cena also appears in the Tina Fey – Amy Poehler comedy Sisters, which releases this Friday. Cena plays a drug dealer named Pazuzu in the film, and posted the clip below from the movie where Fey asks Cena if he has any kids. Cena replies, "I'm sure I do."


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