Did The Great Khali Get His Revenge? (Video)

As noted earlier, former World Heavyweight Champion The Great Khali was beat down by steel chairs last week during an angle at the end of an event for Khali's new wrestling promotion, Continental Wrestling Entertainment. Khali was wrestling Brody Steele, but was jumped by Mike Knox, Steele and another wrestler after a ref bump. Khali was then taken out on a stretcher.


As noted, most of the Indian media reported on the attack as if it was real. The Times of India reported that Khali claimed to have back and chest pains, and required 7 stitches. He was also airlifted to another hospital for a CT scan and treatment for chest injuries.

Khali returned to action on Sunday night at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Dehradun and got his revenge on Brody Steele, as see in the video below. Khali pinned Steele after hitting him with chop, followed by a series of chairshots. Fireworks went off after the match as Khali celebrated with the CWE Championship belt.