Former TNA And Lucha Underground Star Involved In Brawl Before Indy Show Last Night (Updated)

Former TNA and Lucha Underground star Shawn Hernandez was involved in an out-of-ring brawl with Brent McKenzie before last night's Texas All Star Wrestling event in Cypress, TX.

TASW wrestler Byron Wilcott posted video of the incident. Hernandez and McKenzie had issues from verbally sparring over the Internet. McKenzie was sitting in his chair getting ready for the show when Hernandez approached him and had words for him. McKenzie offered his hand, but Hernandez kicked him in the face. McKenzie got up and unloaded on him and then snatched in a headlock and pinned him on a table. Wilcott then broke the fight up and told McKenzie not to hit him again. McKenzie let go, but Hernandez hit him.

Hernandez went to the bathroom to clean up and then came back with a bloody mouth and blood squirting out of his head. Hernandez was livid and Wilcott tried to calm him down and get him on the a separate side of the room so that they could do the show. Hernandez then tried to fight Wilcott, but the locker room broke it up. Hernandez, still bleeding from his mouth and the side of his head, grabbed his family and left the arena and skipped working the show.


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