Stephanie McMahon Says The Purpose Of Her Character Is Getting Others Over, Talks Ring Return, More

Stephanie McMahon participated in a Facebook Q&A this afternoon. You can check out the highlights below, and the full Q&A above.

- She says her favorite thing about being in the WWE is getting to interact with the fans.

- Her favorite promo was the one she cut on Shane McMahon while getting the Legacy of Excellence Award, saying it was 'challenging.' Getting to slap Roman Reigns was also 'impactful and challenging.'

- Brie Bella 'packs a wallop' in her slap, according to Stephanie.

- Stephanie says it was a privilege to be in the ring with Dusty Rhodes and said that he challenged her in the ring on the mic. She says it was a moment that she'll never forget.

- She wanted to write a book to let people know what is so special about the WWE, and wanted to entice and entertain those people who haven't found it yet.

- She's excited to share her moments with Andre, dinner with wrestlers, her mom making Mr. T liver, and her love story with Triple H.

- She says she enjoyed her programs with Trish Stratus, Brie Bella, Lita and Jacqueline Moore. Having the privilege to get in the ring without being a wrestler is an honor to her. She says the decision to get back in the ring isn't up to her, it's up to the 'decision maker.' She says that as long as it helps get somebody over, that's the ultimate goal of her character.

- Being a heel is her preference over being a babyface. Heels getting their comeuppance is her favorite part, according to her. She cited Sable and Chris Jericho as doing that.

- Stephanie McMahon says the reason that she and Triple H train at midnight is because it's the only time they really have to train.

- She briefly considered a career as a dance choreographer and a marine biologist.

- She really enjoys helping grow the brand, and says she's wanted to be involved in the WWE her entire life.

- One of her biggest takeaways from the Eisenhower Fellowship is that people are all the same, regardless of country. She says it shouldn't have been that much of a surprise, but it was.

- Stephanie spends her free time with her children and husband doing movie night or game night.