Rob Van Dam Asks Wrestling Fans To Help Former Tag Team Partner With Hip Surgery (Video)

As seen above, former WWE Champion Rob Van Dam is calling on wrestling fans to help his friend and former tag team partner Sabu.

Sabu is said to be in desperate need of hip surgery as soon as possible. Sabu was against the idea of a GoFundMe page and asking fans for help but RVD and some of Sabu's closest friends created one anyway, at this link. As of this writing, 53 people have raised $1,498 of a $50,000 goal in just 1 day.

RVD notes that surgery is the last resort for the ECW Original but he really needs it. Besides his hip, Sabu has been dealing with shoulder and back issues, causing problems with his sleep and just walking around as he now has a visible limp. Sabu has continued to work indie events and is hoping to return to the ring once he recovers from hip surgery.

The GoFundMe page notes that donations will be used for pre-op procedures, the surgery itself and post-op requirements, including physical therapy. It was also noted that thousands of dollars have already been spent on getting consultations, x-rays, injections and other medical attention to help his hip without surgery. Sabu has been dealing with the hip issues for a few years now.