I reported yesterday that TNA had canceled some flights and matches for talents coming into Orlando for next week's Impact Wrestling tapings. A veteran TNA talent also told me that he wasn't sure if he would even be on Sunday's Bound For Glory pay-per-view card as the company is really looking to save money this weekend due to how cash-strapped they are. As noted, the uncertainty in the company has many talents very nervous going into the weekend.

Since I reported on the flight cancellations yesterday, PWInsider came out with a report of their own and said that the story of flights being canceled was not true. In checking back with my source, I was told that several of the recent TV regulars had their flights canceled and were told to be on stand-by for next week's tapings. The veteran TNA talent speculated that TNA may book many local Florida guys for next week instead of flying other wrestlers in from around the country.

I should have more details on Friday but Justin LaBar of TribLive.com also reported on the flight cancellations with this tweet today: