Dixie Carter Holds Backstage Talent Meeting At TNA Tapings, Talks WWE Sale Rumors And More

Dixie Carter, who remains TNA majority owner, held a meeting backstage at last night's TNA Impact Wrestling tapings in Orlando, discussing various issues and allowing talents to ask questions. President Billy Corgan was at the meeting but did not speak, according to PWInsider.


Dixie was asked about rumors of WWE possibly buying the company and she acknowledged WWE did want to purchase but stated she would not let that happen, but she could have. Dixie also stated that the company still owns their tape library in regards to rumors of WWE looking to purchase just the library.

Another issue discussed was late payments to talents. Dixie stated that there are times when late payments were made and that is because the company is waiting for owed money to come in.

Regarding rumors of Bound For Glory being canceled last week, she said the show was never not going to happen but admitted that the company scrambled to make things happen leading up to this past Sunday's pay-per-view.


Dixie made it clear that she's still the majority owner but admitted that there has been in-fighting and a power struggle among other owners. Dixie was said to be surprised that everyone was so worried about the status of the company. She also apologized to everyone for the amount of worry and concern that was going around. After the meeting, some talents felt like she helped to ease some of their concerns and there was respect for her stepping up to address the locker room but there's still a lot of worry about what the future holds.