Edge On Only Being Able To Watch WWE On The Network, Working With Lana, Competition With Christian

Mike Jones of DC 101 recently spoke to Adam 'Edge' Copeland, who was discussing his new film, Interrogation. During the interview, Edge talked about working with Lana and how good she was on the set, how much acting means to him now, still keeping up with WWE and how he and Christian used to look for the douchiest sunglasses they could find.


They sent us these highlights from the interview:

Why he chose to do Interrogation:

"When I got the script, that was the clincher, it was the story. I mean yeah, it's got gun fights and it's got fight scenes it's got car chases, it has that kind of intrigue. But it's also a thriller in terms of these intense interrogation scenes. As a performer, I was like, "Wow this is an eight page scene of dialogue. This is what you want!"

Interrogation was a fast and intense shoot:

"We had eleven days to film this thing, so I would have a fight scene and go directly to an interrogation scene, and those are two completely different mindsets you have to have. This one is cat and mouse and you're trying to figure out what this character Fasti is thinking and the other one is 'ok, start throwing punches and get the routine and the choreography of that down.' Two completely different parts of your brain have to work for that."


CJ Perry (Lana) did her scenes quickly like a pro:

"She got thrown right in the frying pan. She landed and it was 'let's go' and got all of her scenes done in five days before having to go right back out. She came in prepared and got it done."

Acting feels as creative as wrestling did:

"It's the same tree, different branches. That's what I've come to realize. And for me, I need to have that creative outlet. Initially when I retired I thought 'ok that's it, just retire.' And then Haven came and said 'do you want to be on an episode' and that turned into 42 episodes. Now, by the time it's all said and done by the end of next year I'll have 80 episodes of television under my belt in five years and I think 'Whoa, how did that happen?'"

Tries to watch WWE here and there:

"If I do, it's gotta be with the network. Nothing's really live anymore because at home, we've got two baby girls and that's what I'm doing. If I'm at work, that's what I'm doing. We film over in Ireland and if I have downtime in the hotel room and with the time difference if the girls are asleep, then I say 'ok, let's see what's going on with wrestling.' And that's how I've been catching up in bits and pieces."

The ridiculous sunglasses competition with Christian:


"We were like 'OK, who can find the most ridiculous sunglasses' and he usually won the contest. He had a gift for being a jackass. But I think my pinnacle was that I found these purple velvet sunglasses and I dyed my goatee to match. I can't get any douchier. That was it right there."

You can listen to the full interview below:

Source: DC 101