R-Truth Talks Current Wrestlers Taking Years Off Their Careers, Veterans, His Past As A Stripper

On episode 100 of Sam Roberts' Wrestling Podcast, WWE's R-Truth talked about working as a male stripper prior to embarking on a career as a professional wrestler. Also, the former K-Kwik discussed being one of the longest tenured performers on WWE's active roster.

Apparently, R-Truth flirted with exotic dancing in his younger days, though he admitted he was not very good at it.

"Now, I'm going to say this because stuff has a way of coming back on people and stuff like that. So, like, way back, way back, back, back, when I wouldn't listen to people and I wasn't even paying people [any] attention, still trying to grind, I did a little bit of it, a little bit." R-Truth continued, "I sucked at it though. Oh my God! No, man, no! I sucked at it bad, man. No, I did feel silly after a while. When you start feeling silly, you start doing silly things. So, I wasn't feeling it, man."

'The Suntan Superman' indicated that his wife is aware of his days as a stripper, but she is probably embarrassed about it.

"Yes. I think my wife knows. I think she's mostly embarrassed of it. Like, probably, because she knows me well and she knows I would probably go in there doing hip hop dancing. She'd be like, 'babe, you can't do that - yeah, that's not dancing'. I'm doing routines and [she says] 'no, you don't do that in male dancing - you don't do that.'"

R-Truth, who debuted in the WWE during The Attitude Era, said he came up with a name for his fellow Attitude Era veterans.

"I came up with the name, myself, Mark Henry, Kane, Big Show, The Dudley Boyz, the time when they [were] there, and Goldust, we call ourselves L-O-O-K, Last Of Our Kind." R-Truth added, "We're considered the old guys, but we can still go."

During the interview, R-Truth acknowledged that he has been able to wrestle for so long, in part, because he has wrestled the WWE style for most of his lengthy career. According to The Golden Truth member, younger professional wrestlers who work a high impact style are taking years off of their careers.

"Yes. They're taking years off their career. That's one of the things Booker T always said, like certain things you do in the ring, he would always say, 'you're taking years off your career' and you really have to, like, [put] things into context. Yeah, [younger talent would say] 'I can do that - he can't do that!', but, no, it's not, man. It catches up."

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