Lucha Underground’s Vampiro appeared on CBS Radio’s “The Taz Show” this morning, where he and Taz discussed Lucha Underground.

Being a part of Lucha Underground:

“It’s incredible. It’s such, uh, I can’t tell you because you can’t compare it to anything because it’s so new, but every single day, every taping, every rehearsal, every meeting, it’s a different thing because it’s growing as we speak, right. And, I can tell you, and you’re gonna get this. Some fans might, some boys who are listening to this are gonna go ‘oh, Vamp’s full of it.’ When you go into the dressing room, and you’ve been in them all, just like me, it’s the only time in my whole career where I’ve seen [that] there’s no gossip, there’s no stooges, there’s no b.s, it’s just a happy place man, and it’s kinda like guys like me, we sit back and we say ‘okay, something’s gotta give,’ I’m telling you man, it just doesn’t. It’s a good place, it’s awesome. That’s why it comes off so great on TV.”

Younger talent today having a different mindset than their predecessors :

“100 percent, and a lot of it has to do, um, with the indy scene, which is where you want to be right now if you want to make a living. Uh, social media. You can’t hide things, man. You can’t stooge people out because you get caught. People call you out, right on the spot. And uh, I take pride in the fact that I’m in the position that I’m in now, and you know, I’ve got group chats on ‘What’s up’ and all kinds of stuff. Contact with the guys on a daily basis, ‘hey, how ya doing?’ And it’s taken me like a year to convince the guys [that] I’m not workin’ ya. I legitimately care about what you’re doing, and I’m guiding you the best I can. So, my experience now is just, it’s a different thing, man. When we were growing in the business, dude, forget about it. Now, if you don’t approach it the way I’m approaching it, you’re not gonna make it.”

Vampiro also discusses being a commentator for Lucha Underground, the importance of Matt Striker as LU’s play-by-play announcer, and briefly discusses his experience in TNA. You can listen to the full interview at this link.

Source: The Taz Show