FloSports Executive On Adam Cole Making FloSlam Debut, FloSlam Pricing Being Higher Than WWE Network

FloSports VP of Global Acquisitions, Toby Mergler, called into Sean Waltman's X-Pac 1,2,360 this week talking about bringing wXw to FloSlam, tonight's premiere, the company's biggest obstacle and more. You can check out the full episode above or on iTunes, which features an interview with Jerry Lynn. They sent us these highlights:

Adam Cole making his FloSlam debut:

"We did announce last week a partnership with wXw that we're extremely excited about. They are an outstanding partner out of Germany and we feel like we've heard a lot of buzz around them on the internet, as people have started to talk more and more about who they would like to see on our service. So being able to bring that to reality is exciting for all of us. Our first show with them is actually tonight. Adam Cole himself will be participating in the main event and we're excited to have him on our platform the first time, and bring his action to all of our fans."

Which wXw shows will be available on FloSlam:

"We won't have the entire library. That will still be available on their on-demand service. But part of our agreement is for us to kind of curate their library and take out choice selections to be able to bring to our audience."

Tonight's broadcast of the WxW 16th Anniversary Show, will be a first for FloSports:

"Tonight's wXw isn't live from Germany, because it would be two in the morning over there. It's an event that just happened. What we thought, we're testing a theory because it's part of what we're trying to do overall in this space…We thought it would be useful if we put a common timeframe around it so even if it was taped a few days ago, people can actually watch it together and be on Twitter and be on Reddit, be on social media or texting their friends, or Facebook or whatever it might be, now they can actually watch it together even though it's in the past."

Controversy surrounding FloSports' subscription price:

"I think the biggest obstacle we've faced has been our price point. The WWE Network puts out a world class product, with a massive library, unforeseen ever in the history of wrestling and they're priced at ten bucks. So people look at them they're like, that's ten dollars. How can you justify a twenty dollar price? I understand their perspective. It's just the economics of it is we don't have the reach of the WWE. WWE is one of the biggest streaming services in the world. It's one of the most successful entertainment companies in the world, and if we thought we could reach the same market then we could price more aggressively."


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