Jinder Mahal Details Recent Car Accident With Braun Strowman, Reveals Who He Rides With

From WWE comedy act to almost opening up a Subway restaurant to the 50th WWE Champion, all eyes continue to be on Jinder Mahal as one of the company's top SmackDown superstars. People want to know about his transition be it his body or just how he rose up the ranks and crashed through the glass ceiling. Recently speaking with Sportskeeda, Mahal revealed who he currently rides with and told a funny road story.

"So at the moment The Singh brothers are my best friends as I ride with them every week," Mahal said. "Outside of the ring and inside of it, they got my back, which I appreciate and it feels great. They ensure I remain WWE Champion and they do their best, they understand their job. In the past (I've) driven with Fandango, Great Khali is my good friend and I rode with him for a long time. Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre are two other names that come to mind."

A couple of months ago, while traveling with Braun Strowman, Mahal revealed they had an accident.

"When I was riding with Braun Strowman couple of months ago we hit a deer in the middle of the highway with no civilization anywhere near us," Mahal said.

"Luckily some of the boys were behind us, so we just left the rental car on the side of the road and called them and said, 'hey this is the rental car, it's 20 miles outside of this smokehouse, come get it.' I left the key under the mat and I jumped in with the other boys."

"They were like, 'oh yeah we'll get there in a couple of hours' and we had to wrestle the next day and still drive a couple of hours," Mahal explained. "So we just had to leave the car there and Braun jumped into one car and I jumped in with Gallows and Anderson, luckily they had a little bit of room for me."

Now more than a month into his reign as WWE Champion, Mahal talked about beating Randy Orton at Sunday's WWE Money in the Bank on this week's episode of Talking Smack. You can also read more comments from him in his interview with Sportskeeda by clicking here.


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