News On If Xavier Woods Knew About Paige Reference Before WWE SmackDown Battle Rap

Rapper, Mega Ran, was in the New Day's entourage during this week's Battle Rap on SmackDown and spoke with Hip Hop DX about the segment, along with his involvement. He revealed that he did not write the rhymes that ended up airing on television.

"For everybody who's asking me, I did not write rhymes," Mega Ran said. "I just kinda sat and listened. I helped them with their deliveries and getting down the cadence and stuff. ...[The Usos] were able to write rebuttal lines. I felt it gave them an advantage. They might've gotten a little better crowd response, but they went a little below the belt to get it."

The article goes on to say that New Day was not aware of the Paige reference ahead of time, but a producer cleared it. The line used was: "Let's just keep it 'PG,' you know what's good. Don't get all 'Rated-R,' like ya boy Xavier Woods." The article gave some background to how this all played out:

"Although the producers of the segment requested both teams send in their rhymes for the script, only The New Day obliged. The Usos showed theirs to one producer, but made a point to not let The New Day see their bars, which referenced a salacious story involving Woods."

WWE has since edited the line out of the segment as seen in the above video.

You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Hip Hop DX


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