ICYMI: Daniel Bryan Wants To Wrestle, Ric Flair Cuts Promo On Nurse, WWE SummerSlam, Takeover, More

It has been a busy weekend, and there have been nearly 150 articles posted here since Friday night. Here are some items that you might have missed over the weekend:

- Daniel Bryan talked about wanting to wrestle again while appearing on the Edge & Christian podcast last weekend. He noted that he might have jumped the gun on the diagnosis that led to his retirement. He said that despite having had 10 concussions and four seizures, recent tests show that his brain is comparable to a college level football player's.

"With all of this positive stuff, there's no reason why I can't return to doing what I love," Bryan said. "And it may never be full-time and it may never be this idea of 'I'm going to go in and be the guy who main events every live event and stuff. I'm not even sure I want that. Now that I have a child, I don't want to be away from her that much. But to say that I can't wrestle say 50 to 100 matches a year or to say that I can't do Jerry Lawler and Terry Funk are still doing in their 60s.

"In no way, shape, or form am I trying to put pressure on WWE to have me return to wrestle because, like, they have been so supportive with everything that I've done," Bryan added. "And people don't understand that. They've been 100% behind everything that I've been doing kind of behind-the-scenes."

Much more is contained in the article, including Daniel Bryan revealing his response to Vince McMahon when Vince said that he wanted to make Roman Reigns the next John Cena. You can read the full article here.

- Bryan also responded to an ROH tweet containing a challenge from Cody Rhodes.

- WWE SummerSlam results are here, which featured five title changes and Brock Lesnar defending the WWE Universal Championship in a wild Fatal 4-Way main event.

- Check out the latest Wrestling Inc. podcast here with Matt Morgan and myself having a heated discussion on the Jinder Mahal vs. Shinsuke Nakamura WWE Championship match at SummerSlam. I thought it sucked, Morgan felt strongly the other way. Anger ensues.

- WWE did a good job of keeping the WWE SummerSlam finishes under wraps as the smart money never came out and betting sites were way off.

- Ric Flair's manager says that Flair is progressing and even cut a promo on a nurse.

- Charlotte also provided an update on her father saying that while he's not out of the woods yet, he's getting better.

- WWE presented another hot Takeover event this past Saturday night which saw Drew McIntyre defeat Bobby Roode for the NXT Championship, only to be ambushed by the debuting Adam Cole, who formed a stable with fellow ROH alumni Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish. Full Takeover results are here.

- Kevin Owens was really happy about Cole's NXT debut.

- Tyrus was granted his GFW release.

- There were protests against President Donald Trump in the WWE Hall of Fame outside of this past weekend's WWE events in Brooklyn.

- Finn Balor reveals what he thinks might be the most interesting match that WWE has yet to book.

- NXT spoilers for this Wednesday are here.

- Akira Tozawa defeating Neville last Monday on RAW was apparently a last minute decision, according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio.

- Steve Austin said that he was contracted to do 12 episodes of The Steve Austin Show for WWE Network, which was fulfilled. He's not sure if there will be more.

- Kurt Angle reveals his reaction when he was pitched the Jason Jordan illigitimate son storyline.

- Angle and Randy Orton also took their wives on a double date this past weekend, check out the photo here.

- Paul Heyman is asked again about CM Punk leaving WWE. More amusing is his response to Joey Ryan's gimmick.

- Sasha Banks was booed outside of her hotel this past weekend for picking up a pizza and not letting it get cold to take pictures with fans.

- Alexa Bliss was asked if she has real heat with Sasha.

- Scott Steiner was not happy with Triple H promoting SummerSlam on The Tonight Show last Friday, feeling that a current wrestler should have done it. Of course, he did it in Steiner fashion.

- Some news on rumored NXT main roster call ups and roster changes. Dave Meltzer noted that WWE officials are really high on Bobby Roode.

- Paige teases returning to WWE "really soon."

- Braun Strowman spends a lot of money at Chipotle.

- Strowman also says he eats 15,000 calories a day.

- Despite that, Strowman doesn't think he can outdrink Andre the Giant, and knows the consequences of trying to do so.

- Seth Rollins says it's about time that a full-timer got the WWE 2K cover.

- GFW taping results for 9/14 and Victory Road.

- GFW taping results for 9/21 and 928.


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