Kevin Owens Calls RAW Star One Of The Best, Baron Corbin Checks Out Oddities, Tessa Blanchard

- While in New York City for SummerSlam, Baron Corbin checked out a friend's oddities collection. While getting a tour he gets to see skulls, mummies, and shrunken heads along with some turn of the century medical tools.

- Mae Young Classic competitor and daughter of Tully Blanchard, Tessa Blanchard, spoke with ESPN's "ESPN W" section about the tournament and her family legacy. Blanchard also recalled some advice she received from Charlotte Flair.

"She told me to seize every opportunity, good or bad. Take it and do the best you can."

- Kevin Owens retweeted a photo of him talking to WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Neville, and responded, "Just me having a chat with one of the absolute best wrestlers on the planet." While Owens continues to chase after AJ Styles' US Championship, Neville has completely dominated the Cruiserweights, dropping the title to Tozawa for a few days, before winning it back at SummerSlam.


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