Austin Aries On Life After WWE, Matt Hardy On Being Down Before, TheCHIVE Wrestling Skit (Video)

- Comedy website theCHIVE posted the new video above, "The Most Humiliating Wrestling Match You've Ever Seen", which is part of the site's "Player Vs. Player" series. In the video, two friends Dougy and Ben create the most humiliating-looking wrestlers that they possibly can in WWE 2K18. The twist is that they also have to dress up like their created characters in real life. The name of the game here is humiliation, and for every loss, the loser needs to undergo a real world humiliation, ranging from a Stone Cold double chug to smelling what the Rock is cooking (fart spray).

- The Orlando Sentinel has a new interview with Austin Aries, who was promoting his book, Food Fight: My Plant Based Journey from the Bingo Halls to the Big Time. During the interview, Aries discussed returning to the independent circuit after wrestling in WWE.

"You can have a favorite band, but when they sign with a major label maybe a new producer says, 'You can't do that, take this down a notch.' And you'll keep listening, but you'll always think their first album was their best album," said Aries. "Just like music, I consider wrestling to be an art form, and I have a vision of what that art should look like. Now I'm allowed the freedom to make it all my own again, and I'm excited to have that back."

- Matt Hardy, who lost to The Miz on RAW last week and wrestled on WWE Main Event the week before, took to Twitter and commented on some of his past bumps in the road. He note that he overcame those and that he still believes in himself, as seen below:

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