Praise For WWE RAW Live Event Matches, WWE Trademark Reveals New Show Title?, The Bella Twins

- The Bella Twins are preparing to celebrate the 1 year birthday of their YouTube channel, and their actual birthdays, next week. As seen in the video above, they are asking fans to record videos talking about their favorite moments from the channel, and then tweet the video with the #BELLAS1YEAR hashtag before November 14th at 3pm EST. The Bellas will celebrate their 34th birthdays on November 21st.

- WWE recently filed to trademark "WWE Mixed Match Challenge" for "entertainment services, namely, a show about professional wrestling." It appears this could be the name of a new series the company is working on.

They also filed to trademark "Project Rock" in the Education & Entertainment category, which appears to be for health, fitness & athletics DVDs and other content. WWE also recently filed to trademark the "Kidz4Kidz" term, which appears to be for a new WWE Community campaign.

- Fans have praised the Asuka vs. Dana Brooke singles matches at WWE live events on the current European tour,, with props being given to both competitors. Dana posted the following on being in the ring with The Empress of Tomorrow this week:

Eye on my prey! love a challenge, loved to be pushed, & love to fight and show my potential! Felt great to be in the square with the best! #wwe #raw #wweunitedkingdom #danabrooke #predator #prey #wwebirmingham #wrestling


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