Last March, Hulk Hogan won his case against Gawker to the tune of $140.1 million. Hogan had sued the website in 2012 for publishing portions of a sex tape that was recorded without his knowledge. Gawker argued that they were protected by the First Amendment because the video was newsworthy. Gawker ended up declaring bankruptcy, and settled in bankruptcy court to pay Hogan $31 million.

Hogan was fired from WWE and his role as a judge on WWE Tough Enough in the summer of 2015 after racially charged comments from the tape came to light. Gawker alleged that Hogan only filed a lawsuit against them to prevent the racial statements from being released.

ABC Action News is reporting that Hogan is now in another lawsuit in the state of Florida over the tape with radio personality and host of the morning show on 1025 The Bone, Mike “Cowhead” Calta, Calta’s former co-worker Matt “Spice Boy” Loyd, and owner of The Bone, Cox Radio. Hogan alleges that Calta and Loyd were involved in “stealing, disseminating, using and exploiting illegally-recorded video.”

The defendants had asked the judge to dismiss the case, but that motion was denied. They now have to respond within 20 days. Hogan is looking for unspecified damages claiming that the tape had destroyed his pro wrestling career.

Source: ABC Action News