– Above is a Total Divas bonus clip from this week, featuring RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss introducing her piglet, Larry Steve. The clip features Bliss and Nia Jax hanging out with the semi-famous pig, which has its own YouTube channel and Instagram account.

– We noted before that former WWE Superstar Bill Goldberg will be featured on two upcoming episodes of “The Flash” on CW. F4Wonline.com notes that former wrestler and MMA fighter Paul Lazenby, who now works as a stunt man, acted as Goldberg’s stunt double for the show. Lazenby said this was one of his easiest gigs as Goldberg did all of his own fight scenes, even with a painful and gruesome shin injury suffered during Muay Thai sparring. Lazenby also commented on how nice Goldberg was to everyone on the set.

– Sasha Banks and The Singh Brothers did media with Kavita Devi earlier today in New Delhi, India to promote Saturday’s big WWE Supershow live event. Devi, who competed in The Mae Young Classic, is the first female WWE Superstar of Indian nationality to compete for the company. Below are photos and videos from today, including The Singh Brothers’ giving a grand introduction to The Boss as The Modern Day Maharani and The Beyonce of Bollywood: