Kristal Marshall Talks Bobby Lashley Relationship And Breakup, Dating Matt Striker, WWE Departure

Former WWE Superstar Kristal Marshall recently spoke with former WWE security head Jimmy Noonan on the Noonan Speaks podcast. During the show, Marshall discussed her relationship with WWE Superstar Bobby Lashley, being bitter about her WWE departure, and whether she has heat with WWE.

On the subject of Marshall's relationship with Lashley, the former NPC USA Bodybuilding champion recalled that it began in 2007 and it happened quickly.

"That [relationship] came about? let's see? at the beginning of 2007." Marshall considered, "I'd say about, no, no, that happened WrestleMania 2007. That's when we started dating and that happened quick! Lots of things happened quickly at that time."

Apparently, Marshall never married Lashley, but they were engaged and they have two children together, Myles and Naomi.

"I have never been married in all of my adult life." Marshall elaborated, "my name is Kristal Marshall. It has always been Kristal Marshall. I've never been married. We were engaged. We had a very long engagement. We've had two kids together, but there was no wedding. That didn't happen and I don't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. It just didn't happen."

Prior to becoming involved with 'Walking Armageddon', Marshall briefly dated Matt Striker, true believers.   

"I did date Matt Striker for a brief period of time when I was wrestling." Marshall continued, "it's kind of impossible to not date someone you work with unless you're married outside of the business and all of that. That's impossible. That's kind of how you figure out things and then you leave the wrestling business and you look back at the wrestling business and say, 'what the f–k was that? That was f–king weird s–t. What was I doing?' Yeah, that did happen."

Marshall admitted that she used to be bitter about her WWE departure and likened the pro wrestling business to "a giant dysfunctional family".  

"There was a time when, like I said, I was super bitter, very upset." Marshall professed, "I felt like when I left, there [were] a lot of things that I set out to accomplish that I didn't. There was a point where I felt like certain girls got more opportunities and boo hoo hoo this and that. But do you know what? Like I said, I've done a lot of work on myself and there are a lot of f–king things that Can be really happy for. And there [are] a lot of s–tty things that happen in the business, but nothing's f–king perfect. The wrestling business is one giant dysfunctional family and there's like one cousin you can't take anywhere, like a drunk uncle, there's your slutty cousin. There's somebody that fits every dynamic of a family, but the one thing that's very interesting about wrestling as much as everybody hates it, everybody did hate it or had mixed feelings about it, if you ask anybody if they had any good moments in wrestling, they will always say, 'yes' and they will always smile if you ask them, 'what was the best part of your [pro wrestling] career?' There will always be something positive."

Although Marshall had a difficult time following her break up with Lashley, she has done a lot of work on herself through meditation and gratitude. Marshall explained that the inner dimension must be addressed to truly lead a life free of depression and anxiety.  

"Yeah, I went through some difficult times, for sure. The hard thing about [pro] wrestling is that you think it's going to last forever and you feel like the high that you get when you're interacting with the fans, being the celebrity, all of that, there's a certain level of arrogance that I feel like I carried outside of the business into real life and it doesn't translate well!" Marshall continued, "life happens. Bobby and I were together. We had kids, and, after we split, I found myself trying to figure out, 'what am I going to do? What's next for me?' So I started working some corporate jobs and things never really stuck.

"Eventually, I went to cosmetology school and got my license to do hair and makeup. Thank God for that! It allowed me to be creative and do a version of what I love doing, which is art and painting, which has kind of been able to carry me over to this place where I'm at now. I know there are probably a lot of wrestling fans out there that assume once you stop wrestling you're loaded and that you're going to live comfortable. There are a lot of wrestlers that probably feel that way as well, but that's just not life. And it was such a beautifully humbling experience as well. It was really f–ked up. I got super depressed. I've been battling depression and anxiety truly ever since I left the wrestling business and I can tell you that there is no medication that can fix depression, anxiety, that's an internal job. Meditation, which is still very new for me, it's an ongoing practice. It [has] helped tremendously. And gratitude! That's what I've been talking about tonight. Like, nothing's perfect, yes, but look at the positive. Gratitude [has] helped me immensely."

According to Marshall, she did not have heat with WWE, but she also suggested that things have changed since she was with the company.  

"I really wish I could really talk about that. It's just a sensitive time." Marshall said, "I really can't right now. From what I heard, things are different now."

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Source: Noonan Speaks