Jim Ross Has A Message For Big Cass: 'Don't Do Anything Stupid, Just Get Better'

Big Cass' WWE release is surrounded with rumor and innuendo at this point. There isn't quite a clear story of exactly what happened but most reports point to the fact he had some social issues backstage, to put it mildly. After all, WWE didn't even wish him the best in his future endeavors in their official announcement about Big Cass' release from the company.

As bad as things might look now, Big Cass still has plenty of people pulling for him in the pro wrestling community. His knee injury affected his life in many ways in and out of the ring, but he needs to remain focused and realize this is only a speedbump and being seven-feet-tall he should be able to easily see over it.

"I saw where Big Cass got released. I don't know what it was, I have no idea and it's none of my business," Jim Ross said on The Ross Report concerning the recently released Big Cass. "Hey look, I have had three sabbaticals from that company. Did I like it? Nope. Did it ruin my life and my career? Hell no."

Plenty of people have taken a hiatus from WWE due to being released or some other form of separation and they came back to have a great second, third, or fourth run with the company. Jim Ross continued as he explained how he believes Big Cass might be in the category of people who could eventually make a comeback in WWE, but the WWE Hall Of Famer had some words of wisdom for Cass in the meantime.

"So all he's gotta do is figure out how I can get better how I can cure the perceived ills that I may or may not have. Your world's not over. Don't say anything stupid, don't do anything stupid just get better. You're too damn young with too much of an upside to not be able to resurrect yourself without question. Let's keep an eye on how Big Cass progresses."

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Source: The Ross Report


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