Johnny Impact Reveals Which New Impact Wrestling Star Has Caught His Eye

Johnny Impact will make his return to Impact Wrestling at Slammiversary on July 22nd. He will take on Fenix, Rich Swann, and Taiji Ishimori in a four-way match. Impact took part in a media call this week and I asked him how he keeps his move set fresh as he continues his veteran career. He implements a blend of various forms of fighting into his offense and said he always has a few things he's waiting to try out.

"One thing that's actually helped me a lot with keeping me fresh in the ring is, I'll use Boone The Bounty Hunter as an example," Impact said. "Training MMA, stunt choreography, and training for Boone The Bounty Hunter especially because I trained so hard for that. What that did for me was in addition to all the wrestling that I had been doing for the past sixteen years, in the last several years I've been boxing, parkour, MMA, and martial arts.

"There's like a cross-over zone between MMA, boxings, martial arts, stunt choreography, and pro wrestling. Doing stuff outside of pro wrestling allows me to think of new moves, new ways to use the ring, new ways to use the ropes and incorporate that into my style.

"As far as specific ring moves that I want to bring back or debut, at any given time I usually have a list of five or ten things that I wanna try." He said although not every move stays in his arsenal, some do stick around.

He sees himself competing at the highest level in Impact Wrestling by the end of the year. Slammiversary will be Impact's chance to start his climb to the top after his recent departure from Impact Wrestling's television product.

Impact recently participated in the upcoming season of Survivor which is why he's been away from the Impact Zone. He was asked if it was possible to keep up with Impact Wrestling during his recent hiatus from the company. The set of Survivor didn't allow the time or means to watch any pro wrestling because they were totally cut off during filming. One promising addition to Impact Wrestling's roster did catch his eye in Killer Kross.

"When I was away on the island I was completely cut off. I wasn't able to use my cell phone or get online so I wasn't able to call or anything," Impact explained. "Lately I got my eye on Killer Kross. He, first of all, he looks like a psycho, man. He's a scary dude. Usually, when I am watching someone on Impact or in any wrestling ring I usually pinpoint a flaw or something I could exploit if the two of us were in a match to figure out how I'm gonna beat that person.

"When I watch Killer Kross, I mean he hasn't done a ton on Impact yet. But I haven't been able to pinpoint that weakness. He's got a psychotic type of confidence. He's well-versed in MMA, he's had pro fights. He's been in wrestling for years and years and years and he makes me worry a little bit.

"I know if it came down to it I would find a way to beat him because that's what Johnny Impact does, but he's someone I think everyone should keep an eye on. Because he's gonna do some great stuff."

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