John Morrison On Vampiro Falsely Advertising Him For Upcoming AAA Event

John Morrison aka Johnny Impact is enjoying his time with Impact Wrestling, but he is still having issues with his former promotion Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide. During Friday's Impact media call, Morrison took a shot at AAA and its Director of Talent Vampiro.

Morrison and Vampiro have been engaged in a public feud dating back to the summer. Morrison was asked if the beef was squashed and he did not hold back, saying the company is falsely advertising him for an upcoming event on Jan. 26.

"The office stooge Vampiro, the turd-cutter from AAA Vampiro? No, man. Actually, it's still going," Morrison said. "They've got a show on the 26th of January that they've advertised me on, again, without asking."

Morrison's bitterness towards Vampiro stems from his fiancee Taya Valkyrie departing the company in July. Valkyrie was stripped of the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship and Sexy Star later won the title, which led to Valkyrie quitting the company. Vampiro then addressed the situation on Twitter and Morrison took exception to remarks he made about Valkyrie. He later apologized, but Morrison didn't accept it.

"I blame Vampiro for all this," Morrison said. "Literally, I've had conflict with that show for a long time, and I'm pulling off the show now on January 26th unfortunately for Vampiro and for them."

Morrison was a popular superstar in AAA wrestling under the name Johnny Mundo, as he became the first wrestler to hold the Mega Championship, Latin America Championship and World Cruiserweight Championship simultaneously. He still currently holds the Mega Championship, but it doesn't look like he'll be defending it any time soon as his parting words for Vampiro weren't nice.

"I think Vampiro means well, but once a turd-cutter, always a turd-cutter," he said. "Suck it, Vamp."

Source: The Hannibal TV


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