Shinsuke Nakamura On Leaving WWE For NJPW: 'That Is A Big Decision'

Shinsuke Nakamura transitioned from New Japan Pro Wrestling to in 2016 and his three-year contract is set to expire in January 2019. Nakamura has an important decision in front of him, and when asked by Inside The Ropes about his future decisions, he decided to focus on the surfing element of his life instead.

"That is a big decision," Nakamura said. "Florida's waves are better than Japan, it's just an hour drive to the beach but just once a week I'm able to go to the surfing. But in Japan, if there's a hurricane so I lived across from the beach, just a ten-minute walk. It's hard to choose."

Nakamura loves being a heel, and he spoke about how much he enjoyed his WrestleMania match against AJ Styles. His gimmick of not speaking English was a heat-inducing aspect of his character, but he explained how he uses professional wrestling as a universal language to convey his stories in the ring.

"I'm enjoying every moment more so now," Nakamura explained. "[It's] my real emotion."

"So language is important I know for the TV show, so a lot of people watches WWE everywhere. Asia, Africa... some people don't understand English like me. That's why I use facial expressions and body motions. Also, wrestling is like a universal language I believe so that's why I don't speak English."

Nakamura said he feels a sympathy for Jeff Hardy as the two fought because they are both painters. The Artist continued saying how Matt Bloom told him that he and Hardy are a perfect fit which Nakamura found humorous.

"He's kind of a legend, right? Yeah. I feel kind of sympathy with him," Nakamura said. "So he's also an artist. He does painting, so do I. Kind of sympathy I feel. So Matt Bloom from the Performance Center told me, 'I know the most strange guy in WWE, Shin -- you and Jeff... you guys are the same.' I was like, oh, yeah."

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