Brie Bella accidentally kicking Liv Morgan with a pair of Yes! Kicks during a six-woman match on RAW this past Monday night continues to be a heavily debated incident. WWE announced that Morgan suffered a concussion from the kicks, and many fans have been blaming Brie for the injury. During an episode of Busted Open Radio this week, Bully Ray discussed why both women may have been responsible for the errant kicks.

“S— happens,” said Bully Ray on the incident. “That’s it. It’s pro wrestling, man. You know how I always talk about ring rust, Dave [Lagreca], wouldn’t it be safe to say that Brie [Bella] still has some ring rust on her? And listen, saying Brie has ring rust on her is not a detriment, or a knock on Brie. Ring rust happens to any and all wrestlers who are not in the ring for a significant amount of time. There are very few guys, and gals, who can jump right back into it and be at the same level that they were.”

“Plus, Brie came back, had a child. I believe in a recent interview she said that with the dive spot, that did not go well, she didn’t realize that she might have been a little bit slower after having the baby. She didn’t have that ‘umph’ anymore. So I can totally understand that, but rust never sleeps. Rust can set in on anybody. Whether it’s a baseball player, football player, pro wrestler. That’s first. So with a little bit of rust that Brie has on her could be showing in the ring.”

While Bully Ray noted that Brie may have some ring rust, he also pointed out that Morgan’s inexperience was also a factor.

“Secondly, is inexperience and the inexperience is on Liv’s end. Liv hasn’t been wrestling for a long time. Yeah, she spent time in NXT, she’s on the main roster now, but Liv is not getting a lot of great reps in the ring. It’s not like, she’s in six-mans, but it’s not like she’s out there in a lot of singles matches where she’s truly being able to get those reps in that she needs where she understands how to do everything. So you could tell by the way Liv was feeding her body to Brie, that she was feeding in an incorrect way. Normally, you don’t want to have your shoulders rolled in and your head down when you’re taking those kicks. You want to have your shoulders back and your chin up. You want to have your chest exposed. Basically, the ‘yes’ kick is a clothesline with your shin.”

You can hear the full audio clip from Bully Ray on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio below. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Busted Open Radio with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.