Joey Ryan Gets Interesting Gig, Tenille Dashwood Talks Wanting To Be Herself, Tessa Blanchard

- Above, Impact Backstage Interview Alicia Atout spoke with Tenille Dashwood while the two were at "All In" earlier this month. Emma talked about her love of traveling the world, wanting to evolve her cooking show, and early frustrations about wanting to be herself in the ring.

"It was a transition over time, wanting opportunities, being frustrated with not having that chance to going out and show what I can do," Dashwood said. "My time in NXT and WWE and then transitioning back to NXT, which was the change in character when I turned on Bayley (she deserved it). [Laughs] That was the whole transition over time and obviously the frustration built up over time and it's like, 'Come on, where the hell is my opportunity?' and it was like real life, I just wanted to get out and wrestle just like these other girls, let me do it."

- In the video below, VICE Canada spoke with Tessa Blanchard about women's wrestling and how intergender matches have helped her in the ring.

"I don't think I'd be the wrestler or the athlete that I am today if I didn't have some of the intergender matches that I have," Blanchard said. "I'm forced to step my game up because the likes of Scorpio Sky, AR Fox, Brian Cage, David Starr, the way that they think, the way that they act in the ring, the way that they move, their timing, [and] their position. It forced me to step my game up and start thinking that way, and it flipped some kind of switch, so now I'm able to do that in my other matches, as well."

- Joey Ryan said he found his "out plan" from pro wrestling after getting invited to work a wedding for two hours as "Joey Ryan."