This week on SmackDown, Aiden English attempted to drive a wedge between Lana and Rusev by alluding to some immoral behavior by Lana. English asked Lana if she would tell Rusev about “that one night in Milwaukee” and rumors have been flying ever since.

Many people online have been speculating that English is talking about a sex tape involving Lana and The Rock, and Lana responded to those rumors on the Domenick Nati Show.

“A lot of this stuff online and people questioning about The Rock? This is 2018, why do we go to that immediately? I know we love a good scandal and we love the gossip, but when all of this comes out, there’s going to be no proof. I’m going to be having the last laugh,” Lana said.

“This should be a lesson to everyone it’s not okay to be slut-shaming people or to be saying these types of things towards women with the #MeToo movement and #TimesUp. We’re all past that and I hope that people will learn that it’s not okay to say or assume certain things.”

Lana also claimed that rumors of a video of her and another WWE Superstar are exactly that: rumors. “People love a good scandal,” Lana stated. “We love a good freakin’ scandal and a good soap opera.”

The host then asked Lana about WWE’s storyline process and if the wrestlers have any say in what their characters do.

“I would say it’s 100 percent up to Vince McMahon,” Lana said. “He is our director and we’re kind of a canvas. We have to make it our own but Vince McMahon is the director of the TV show. Its our jobs to bring what they want us to do to life. It’s a collaboration with creative but at the end of the day, he has final say.”

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