– Above, Brandi Rhodes makes pumpkin spice cupcakes with honey whiskey.

– NJPW announced new merchandise will be available on September 29 at the Meet and Greet for NJPW Fighting Spirit Unleashed. Tickets are not necessary for fans who just want to do some shopping. The merchandise booth will also be open from 12pm-5pm PT on September 30 for fans.

– Tokoy Sports (translated by @STRIGGA) caught up with Kazuchika Okada at the airport before he headed off for NJPW Fighting Spirit Unleashed. Okada commented about the current state of CHAOS after Jay White and Okada’s former manager, Gedo, attacked him at Destruction in Kobe. Okada said he wasn’t sure if White and Gedo left the group or if he himself has been exiled from the group. According to the report, Okada was at the airport, alone, reading a fishing magazine. Okada will team up with fellow CHAOS member, Tomohiro Ishii, against Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi this Sunday. Be sure to join us for complete cover beginning at 8pm ET.