– Above is the latest Clash with Cesaro featuring Cathy Kelley. Cesaro had a tough time starting the show and then had game issues when he found out there was no Wi-Fi where they recorded.

– As noted, at WWE Super Show-Down, Becky Lynch intentionally got herself disqualified against Charlotte in order to retain the SmackDown Women’s Championship. WWE announced yesterday a rematch would take place this week on SmackDown. A stipulation has since been added to the bout where Lynch will lose the SmackDown Women’s Championship to Charlotte if she gets disqualified. Lynch commented on Twitter that it “Looks like I’m fighting a battle on both sides of the curtain. Nothing new there.”

– On Instagram, AJ Lee sent a Happy Birthday to her best buddy Kaitlyn, who turned 32 today. In the caption Lee wrote, “Happy Birthday to my wife for life. It’s possible we became friends because no one else could handle our weirdness.”