Earlier this year Alexa Bliss was involved in a feud with former bestie, Nia Jax, that centered around Bliss body-shaming Jax. The storyline led to a match at WrestleMania 34 in which Jax defeated Bliss for the Raw Women’s Championship. Even though Bliss lost the title, her least favorite part of the whole feud was having to ridicule and make fun of Jax, and it got to the point where Bliss even turned down some of the things the WWE writers wanted her to say about Jax.

Bliss joined Lilian Garcia’s podcast where she discussed that storyline and why it made her so uncomfortable.

“One storyline that I didn’t feel comfortable was the one with Nia Jax. There was certain things, even though I was the one doing the bullying and body shaming and stuff like that, we wanted the story to be real so we had to have real situations,” said Bliss. “There were some things I just didn’t feel comfortable saying. It was obviously things that Nia provided where she would tell me to say certain things about her to pull real emotions but I just didn’t feel comfortable saying any of that stuff at all, but it was fine so we didn’t do it, which is what is great about our company too because nothing it set in stone. If you don’t feel comfortable doing something there are other options. It is a creative process, which is what is so great about our writing team and our producers that help us feel comfortable in every situation that we are in.”

Bliss and Jax have been good friends since coming up through NXT and have remained so on the main roster. The WWE schedule doesn’t lend itself for them to hang out as often as before, but Bliss says she is still close to Jax.

“Well, she is so busy with Total Divas and I have been so busy with media, we still hang out backstage and we are still really, really, really close,” revealed Bliss. “Obviously, our paths went in different directions, but you know, on the road it is so hard to keep in touch with people. There have been times where I have been home from the road one day a week and I know she is always traveling with Total Divas and I remember when I did the Total Divas schedule, I didn’t have any free time at all. I didn’t even speak with my parents. You know what I mean?”

“We each like our time at home. She likes to play with her dog Benji, and I don’t want to disrupt that time, you know what I mean? We are still really close and recently we saw each other at the airport and ended up sitting next to each other on the plane. We are still really close, but I think that the schedule took over our lives a little bit, which happens.”

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Source: Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia

Peter Bahi contributed to this article.

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