Impact World Champion Austin Aries is scheduled to face Johnny Impact at next Sunday’s Bound For Glory PPV in New York City. Things between the two wrestlers turned quite personal on this week’s episode of Impact.

In the video above, Aries dug deep into Impact by saying he has the “look” of a champion, but is a “pretend pro wrestler.” Aries continued, “You have been putting a lot of eggs into 15 Easter baskets, and you haven’t filled one of them,” referencing Impact’s many projects (Survivor, Boone: The Bounty Hunter, etc) and numerous wrestling names over the years.

Since then, the two began going back and forth on Twitter with Aries saying, “In the 10 mins given the mic I did what you haven’t been able to in 16 years: Make fans actually care about your match.” Impact looked to just laugh off what Aries said.

In another series of tweets, Impact made a short joke about Aries. The champ then called Impact’s wife (Taya Valkyrie) “husky”, which didn’t sit well with Impact or Valkyrie.

“I don’t know what’s more inappropriate, your homophobic shot at my tights or you fat shaming a woman who trains everyday like an athlete. But I know what pisses me off. You insulting my wife. Congrats bro, you took my mind off the title. All I want to do now is f— you up,” Impact responded.