Bayley Says Her Next Goal Is To Win WWE Women's Tag Team Championship

Fresh off the historic Evolution pay-per-view, WWE is reportedly set to make even more history within it's women's division. The introduction of WWE Women's Tag Titles is just around the corner and Stephanie McMahon recently said they are coming "sooner than we think."


The women's division is certainly aware of new titles on the horizon and one Superstar is already declaring she wants to be part of the first team to hold the championships. Bayley was already thinking about the titles when she discussed her renewed friendship with Sasha Banks and what they have in store for the future.

"Yeah, we're friends," Bayley said to Planeta Wrestling ahead of Evolution. "Best friends. We're gonna win some tag team championships. We're gonna beat The Riott Squad at Evolution."

The interviewer then asked if it was official that there are WWE Women's Tag Team Titles.

"That's our next goal," Bayley responded. "We're gonna be a tag team until they freaking announce [the titles] and we're gonna win them and we're gonna make history."


Bayley was prophetic in saying that her team would beat The Riott Squad at Evolution as that's exactly what she, Banks and Natalya did. Before we can see if she's prophetic in being part of the first team to win the women's tag titles, the announcement and introduction of the titles still needs to happen.

WWE did have [WWF] Women's Tag Titles before during the 1980s. The titles were around for just six years with only four teams having championship reigns. The WWF Women's Tag Team Titles were deactivated in February 1989 but it appears WWE will restore a version of them some 30 years later.

Source: Planeta Wrestling