Becky Lynch On Whether She Is Concerned About Fans Refusing To Boo Her

At SummerSlam, Becky Lynch attacked Charlotte Flair after she retained the SmackDown Live Women's Championship, turning heel for her first time on the main roster since her debut in 2015. The next month, she defeated Charlotte at Hell in a Cell to win the Women's Championship for the second time, first since 2016.

Despite her attempted heel turn, it became an adverse effect on the fans, as she received even greater cheers from the WWE Universe. The current champion was a part of a Q&A with the Baltimore Sun to discuss her journey in the WWE, SmackDown 1000, and more.

Lynch was asked whether the fans refusing to boo her is a concern.

"I think they know that I love them as well," said Lynch. "I think that they know I love wrestling and I love this sport. I think they're fans because they love wrestling, right? So when they can see that passion mirrored, they appreciate that. It's also that I think I give off an energy anytime I meet fans. I hope I let them know how much I appreciate them. I think that's all part of it and I just feel very lucky.

"It's not concerning [that the fans don't boo me]. They're reacting and they're entertained. They're enjoying the feud. It's just a matter of what side that they're on. Some people are on my side and some people are on Charlotte's side. I do see it on my Twitter feed and Instagram, that I'm getting a lot more hate as it goes on. But it's OK, I'm going after what I want. The people that are behind me, they'll stay behind me. The people that aren't, well that's fine. I'll just go ahead and succeed in spite of them."

Lynch also stated that although main-eventing Evolution is important to her, main-eventing WrestleMania is also a goal of hers.

"That's what I came over to do to be the main event of WrestleMania, to be the main event of SmackDown, to be the main event of Raw, to be the main event of every single pay-per-view," said Lynch. "And especially for something that's this historic, I feel like myself and Charlotte have had such a storied history that it only seems fitting that we main event."

Lynch will again defend her SmackDown Live Women's Championship against Charlotte at the first-ever all-women Evolution pay-per-view, and commented on the opportunity of being one of the focal points of the show.

"It's amazing," said Lynch. "This is what I envisioned when I came over to WWE. I always felt that I wanted to be the women to be the coolest thing on TV. I wanted to make it that way. Through everybody's hard work, past present and future with NXT and the Mae Young Classic, this has been deserved. It's something that I think the fans are going to really enjoy. They're going to really enjoy it a whole lot more if the SmackDown women's champ is main eventing it and walks out with the title."

Source: The Baltimore Sun


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