Being The Elite (Episode 119): Free Agency Countdown?, The Group Gathers After "All In"

If you missed last episode's recap, click here.

* A bunch of the guys are hanging out in the locker room and waiting for Marty Scurll who is late for the latest episode (a joke about how his match went over at "All In"). Scurll runs into the room – out of breath – and says he thought BTE got cancelled. Cody then tries to say "You're cancelled, Marty!" and cracks up laughing, which makes everyone laugh.

* SCU at an In-N-Out Burger in California. Daniels is eating a salad though. The finger-pointing guys (each with splints on their fingers after Scurll broke their fingers) start critiquing SCU and being in California. SCU is annoyed by them and tells them to bounce, the two guys end up saying they messed with SCU's In-N-Out food, causing Kazarian and Scorpio to spit out their food/drink.

* Matt is with Nick in their private dressing room for an autograph signing in Georgia. Matt notes they've been away from wrestling for a record two weeks. Matt shows that he cut off his mutton chops and got lasik eye surgery during his off time.

* Matt is with Mrs. Matt in their hotel room in Las Vegas for ROH Death Before Dishonor. Matt hears a ticking clock and seems a little off as he talks about his upcoming matches.

* Nick facetimes with his kids at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas. Cody, Matt, and Nick are together for the first time since "All In." The group says they are currently in the "All In Blues" after being so high and then so very low. The group says "All In" was a high for their careers. Cody says for Starrcast weekend a security guard was hired for him for what he thought was his own protection, but it was really because Cody was in such a bad mood they didn't want him going after anyone. Matt says it's still "early" to talk about the next phase, Cody notes how they've been more open than most about their upcoming contracts. Cody heads off and says he's going to go gamble, he's going "double or nothin'."

* Young Bucks catch up with Adam Page and ask him how he's been since being carried out at "All In." Page admits that he thought he had killed Joey Ryan, Matt says it's no big deal, they've done that before on the show (Adam Cole). Nick then says they had a package for Page and head off. Page opens the box to find a pair of boots with a note: "Nice try. If you want to be an assassin try being more cerebral." and it was signed by "H."

* Young Bucks at the airport in Las Vegas after their ROH shows and are headed off to Long Beach for NJPW. We hear a ticking clock, which distracts Matt again.

* We see some footage of Nick and Matt coming to the ring at Fighting Spirit Unleashed. After their title loss to the Guerrillas of Destiny, Matt is complaining about his back again, and says "not again."

* Kenny Omega heads to a TGI Friday's looking for the guys, but can't find anyone at first. He then makes it to the back and finds the "wrestler table."

* Matt is back at home and still hears that ticking clock sound. He finally looks at his phone and sees a countdown going that's just under 3 months away. Cody has noted in interviews he'll be a free agent on January 1, so this could be related.