Former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt has returned to Twitter with the following bizarre messages:

Wyatt has not posted on Twitter in over a month. In his last tweet on September 6th he noted, “I’m going away now. To find myself. But when I am back, I want you all to remember things like this, that make me do the things I do.” Before that tweet Wyatt had been teasing something “new” that would include his “thoughts unfiltered”.

It’s possible that these tweets could be the beginning of a new story that reintroduces Wyatt to WWE TV. Before vanishing on-line Wyatt had been one half of the WWE RAW Tag Team Champions The Deleters of Worlds, with Matt Hardy. Hardy has been forced to exit the ring due to back and pelvis issues leaving Wyatt on his own again.

The tweets definitely tease, possibly, two new characters: whoever is being exorcized and the mysterious Dr. M. Whether these characters are new or variations of existing Superstars is yet to be seen.