Over the last day, The Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes, Marty Scurll, and Adam Page have tweeted out somewhat similar words about selling their “final Bullet Club style shirt” while adding, “it also might be my favorite.” Kenny Omega also has a shirt store, but has yet to tweet out what the rest of the “Being the Elite” group has recently done.

While it’s not entirely clear what the meaning is behind this, Adam Page did give a little more by saying, “Unless I milk that [Bullet Club] cow one last time in the next months, but I doubt I’m gonna do it honestly, not really worth it but thanks.”

WWE has reportedly reached out to Page about coming into the company, but Page had initially turned them down because it’s not the group and the group is sticking together.

At last month’s the NJPW Fighting Spirit Unleashed post-show presser, Cody commented on staying together as free agency looms.

“Everyone has different opinions and it’s hard to get the opinion of someone when it’s, ‘Hey what do you wanna do? What is the next thing you wanna do?’ There’s five of us that’s a core unit that plan to stick together and hopefully we can really do that,” Cody said. “I don’t want to make any judgments as I’ve had a great time with these guys. I’d like ‘The Elite’ to continue and I’d like to bring you guys something like an ‘All In’ sequel.”

As noted, for many of the Bullet Club, their contracts are coming up at the end of the year and they’ve already said they will move as a group by potentially staying put in ROH / NJPW or heading off to WWE.

If they did go to WWE, the Bullet Club styled shirts wouldn’t be an option for the group since it’s not a WWE intellectual property. The other possibility for these tweets could simply be a portion of the group will no longer officially go as the Bullet Club, but rather a brand new name, or just using “The Elite.”

Not to be outdone, Colt Cabana got in on the fun.