– Above is new backstage video of WWE RAW Tag Team Champion Drew McIntyre talking to Kayla Braxton after his non-title win over WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins on RAW. Drew brags on his two non-title wins over Rollins and says what happened on RAW is a glimpse of what will happen in the six-man at WWE Super Show-Down on Sunday.

“It was also a glimpse into the future of the WWE,” McIntyre said. “The Shield has been up at the top for so long now they’re just living in their own little world. They’re not working for the boys, they’re working for each other. All they care about is their own agenda and that’s not what this place needs. It needs leaders, it needs our guys. The Shield is fantastic, they’re everything they say they are. Their matches are stealing the show each week … they’re putting eyes on the product and setting the bar for the rest of the roster but WWE does not need a Shield. It needs a coalition of leaders to take us into the future.”

– WWE Super Show-Down is scheduled to begin at 5am ET/2am PT on the WWE Network this Saturday. The event will air live from Melbourne, Australia. The event is currently scheduled to run for 5 hours, ending at 10am ET on the WWE Network. It was noted on RAW that SSD will be available for streaming in the On-Demand section of the WWE Network at 9am ET. We will have live coverage of the big event here on the site.

– Below is a promo for this week’s WWE SmackDown episode with the latest in the feud between Samoa Joe and WWE Champion AJ Styles following’ last week’s home visit by Joe, plus a follow-up to the “In Milwaukee?” storyline with Lana and Rusev Day.