Eddie Edwards and Moose once formed a formidable tag team in Impact Wrestling until Moose double crossed Edwards. That act led to Edwards teaming with Tommy Dreamer to defeat Moose and Killer Kross at Bound For Glory.

During a recent media call, Edwards was asked by Wrestling Inc. about his interest in possibly re-joining the tag division that he’s had so much success in.

“Clearly, I have a problem picking quality friends and quality partners,” Edwards said referring to Moose. “I’m definitely open to that. Whatever it calls for, I’m ready to do. So, down the line if it calls for me getting the tag team going again, I’d be more than happy to.”

Edwards is a five-time Impact tag team champion which is tied for the most all-time. All of those reigns came alongside Davey Richards who departed Impact Wrestling in 2017.

“Who knows down the road who comes back into wrestling and who’s still around that I may tag with? Time heals most wounds, I won’t say all wounds, but heals most wounds,” stated Edwards. “Who knows?”

Edwards and Moose teamed with Dreamer to take on OVE at Redemption back in April. But Edwards turned on Dreamer shortly thereafter and beat him with a Singapore cane.

That led to a match between the two at Slammiversary where Edwards defeated Dreamer and then apologized for his actions. The two shook hands with Dreamer passing along his Singapore cane to Edwards, which he plans on using vs. Moose.

“Tommy knows how deep my beliefs go and Tommy knows the drive that I have because Tommy has it himself,” said Edwards. “He’s gone down this hardcore road before. He’s gone down the road where people turn on him and he knows how it feels. Basically, what he wants to me do is take that Singapore cane that he gifted to me, that he presented to me, that he knighted me with. He wants me to take that to Moose’s cranium and that is the plan each and every time I go out there. Cane wants to get used. Cane wants to go upside Moose’s head and that’s the way it’s gonna be.”