Impact Wrestling Results (10/11): Austin Aries & Johnny Impact Get Physical, LAX-OGz Summit, More

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- Impact kicks off tonight with a look at all of the matches that will be going down this Sunday at Bound For Glory. Including:

* Impact Wrestling Championship: Austin Aries (c) vs Johnny Impact
* Impact Wrestling Knockout's Championship: Tessa Blanchard (c) vs Taya Valkyrie
* oVe Rules Match: X-Division Champion Brian Cage, Pentagon Jr & Fenix vs oVe
* Concrete Jungle Death Match: LAX vs OGz
* Eddie Edwards vs Moose

Fatal 4-Way: Trevor Lee vs Jack Evans vs Puma King vs Petey Williams

Early in match Lee and Evans are cleared to the outside leaving Puma King and Petey Williams to battle it out. After a quick series of exchanges Lee enters the ring and takes out Puma King with a backbreaker. Lee celebrates as Williams lays in the corner. Lee chokes Williams with his boot before standing tall and playing to the crowd in the middle of the ring.

Lee throws Williams hard into the corner and then takes out one of his other competitors, off screen, with a baseball slide. Lee, still in control, begins to rake at Williams face. Lee then picks up Williams, howls and goes for a standing suplex. Williams slips over the top and lands a side Mexican leg sweep on Lee.

Williams picks up Lee and goes for a Canadian Destroyer only for Lee to hit a backdrop. Puma King returns to the ring taking out Williams and Lee. Evans leaps off the top rope into a huge kick taking out Puma King.

The match begins to break down with Lee returning and taking out everyone. Puma King goes after Lee and takes control. As soon as he goes for a piledriver, Evans runs in from the corner, jumps off Lee's back and takes out Puma King.

With Puma King down Evans hits a 540 only to be met by a big hit from Lee. Williams turns Lee around and hits a quick Canadian Destroyer for the win.

Winner: Petey Williams

The announcers tease that something will go down between LAX and OGz tonight.

Rich Swann is shown backstage in the interview bay. He says that he is happy for Matt Sydal that he now has Ethan Page buying into his "Namaste". He's not about it and he's found a partner to take them on at Bound For Glory. It's not someone he is going to guide, it's someone with the raw charisma that he's got. At BFG Sydal and Page, "are going to need a little more than milk."

Swann then throws to a video package for Willie Mack. Mack will team with Swann against Sydal and Page this Sunday at Bound For Glory.

Grado vs Maximo

Don Callis refers to Maximo as the "Mexican Grado" before the match gets underway. The crowd is loudly behind Maximo.

Grado starts the match by wanting nothing to do with Maximo Maximo removes his robe to reveal a shirt that says "Kiss Me" and twirls around. Grado starts to wag his fingers around saying "NO!" as Maximo plays to the crowd.

Grado finally slaps his shoulders and seems ready to lock up. After the lock up Maximo quickly reverses it into a wrist lock and Grado wiggles out.

The two lock up again and Grado manages to get into a position to deliver a reverse suplex. Maximo slips out this time and shoots Grado off the ropes. After the two running back and forth Grado goes down into the table position and trips up Maximo. Grago bounces off the ropes and delivers a diving headbutt.

Maximo gets to his feet and the crowd chants his name. Grado does the old school Dusty Rhodes series of punches and is stopped by Maximo before he can deliver the bionic elbow. Maximo shoots Grado into the corner and follows up with diving elbow. Grado falls out of the corner, Maximo goes for the kiss and Grado blocks it.

Maximo shoots Grado off the ropes and hits him with a shoulder block. Grado gets back up only to be hit by a dropkick. Grado rolls to the outside and Maximo throws himself at Grado with a crazy suicide dive. Maximo rolls Grado back in the ring and gets a two count.

Grado is all wobbly as he gets to his feet. Maximo goes after him, Grado ducks and finally delivers the Dusty punches and bionic elbow. Grado drops the straps on his singlet and goes to pick Maximo up. MAXIMO KISSES GRADO! Grado spits, turns his back and Maximo pins him with a school boy.

Winner: Maximo

After the match Grado offers Maximo the handshake, grabs him by the head and GRADO PLANTS A HUGE KISS ON MAXIMO! Fans go wild.

Johnny Impact is in the back with Fallah Bahh and Eddie Edwards. Edwards is yelling about Moose turning his back on him. He tells Moose "Quinn" that if he wants to terrorize his wife then tonight he will get a taste of what he's going to do at Bound For Glory. Johnny says tonight the three of them will take on Moose, Austin Aries and Killer Kross. Johnny asks Fallah if he's nervous and Fallah just says, "BAH! BAH! BAH!"

A hype video for the Concrete Jungle Match between LAX and OGz is shown. It recaps the violent, intense series of events that will lead to these two teams facing off at Bound For Glory.

A GWN Vault Match from Bound For Glory 2010 is shown. It features a Fatal 4-Way for the TNA Women's Championship between Tara, Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne and Angelina Love. Tara was victorious and captured the title.

A video package is shown hyping the oVe Rules Match between Brian Cage, Pentagon Jr and Fenix vs oVe.

Eli Drake is in the interview bay and he's complaining about La Parka using a steel chair on his recently. He doesn't think that La Parka won't show up at Bound For Glory to accept his challenge. He begins to sing "If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere..." when talking about New York. He plugs his open challenge for this Sunday.

The Desi Hit Squad makes their way to the ring. Gama Singh that Rohit Raju and Gursinder Singh must face off in a match. The loser will be sent back home to India.

Rohit Raju vs Gursinder Singh (Loser Returns To India)

The two go back and forth with a quick series of exchanges. Raju seems very conflicted by the fact he's being made to face his team mate. While Raju is yelling at Singh to get up, Singh hits him with a big blow. Gama is on the outside yelling at both men. Singh runs at Raju in the corner and Raju floats over him.

Raju manages to take down Singh with a kick. Raju hits a face buster shortly after and only scores a two count. Raju continues to get frustrated and begins to pick up Singh. Singh powers up and throws Raju down on his shoulder. As Raju clutches his shoulder Gama tells him to attack it.

Raju flies out of the corner and blasts Singh with a flying knee for the win.

Winner: Rohit Raju

Raju looks like he is going to cry in the ring as he apologizes to his friend. Game comes into the ring and slaps Raju! Gama tells Raju to get out of the ring. After Raju leaves the ring, Gama does as well and the two leave as Gama yells at Roju.

Johnny Impact, Fallah Bahh and Eddie Edwards all make their entrances separately. Edwards is dressed in street clothes and is wildly wielding his kendo stick.

Austin Aries, Moose and Killer Kross all come to the ring as a unit with Aries leading the way.

Johnny Impact, Fallah Bahh and Eddie Edwards vs Austin Aries, Moose and Killer Kross

Aries starts the match teasing he'll square off with Johnny before tagging in Kross. Kross quickly gets behind Johnny and throws him to the ground. Kross picks up Johnny from the deadlift position and throws him over his head. Johnny rolls into the corner and tags in Bahh.

Bahh assumes the suma stance and squares off with Kross. Kross goes after Bahh's leg and is unable to move him. Bahh taunts Kross and Kross clubs him to the ground. Bahh stands up and throws a chop. The two snarl at each other before butting up head to head. Bahh works Kross up against the ropes and runs at him. Before he can his Kross he gets hit with a forearm. Kross tags in Moose. Bahh tags in Edwards.

Edwards goes right at Moose and the two trade blows in the middle of the ring. Edwards fires up and Moose hits a big chop of his own. Edwards takes the chop, rips his shirt open, taunts Moose and then goes off with a series of chops.

Moose pushes Edwards to the ropes and Edwards get hit with a forearm. Moose throws Edwards into the corner but Edwards slips out and pushes Moose to the top rope. Edwards hits a frankensteiner off the top rope. Moose is dazed and Edwards is on him with a flurry of punches and kicks. Aries distracts Edwards and Moose gets in a cheap shot. Edwards falls outside and is beat down by Aries and Kross. Aries rolls Edwards back into the ring.

Moose pulls Edwards into the corner and tags in Kross. Kross throws Edwards down into the sitting position and levels him with a knee to the face. Kross tags Aries, holds Edwards and Kross punches him. Kross takes in Moose and they continue to beat down Edwards. Moose tags in Aries and Aries takes out Johnny on the apron. Edwards tags Bahh and Bahh throws Aries into the corner. Aries comes out of the corner and meets a belly-to-belly.

Bahh goes for the banzai drops and Aries rolls out of the way. Bahh falls to the mat and Aries tags in Kross. Aries shoots Kross into the corner onto Bahh. Bahh is down and Kross rains down knees to the face of Bahh. We go to commercial.

We return and Bahh is in his opponents' corner. After taking some abuse Bahh manages to fight his way out. As Bahh makes his way to the corner Aries hits him with a drop toe hold. Aries tags in Moose and he drags Bahh to the corner. Moose stands up Bahh, hits him with a chop and tags in Kross.

Kross immediately goes after the downed Bahh and starts ripping at his eyes. Kross tags back in Moose and the two throw Bahh into the corner. Moose shoots Kross at Bahh and Bahh ducks him. Moose charges at Bahh and Bahh takes him down. Aries and Johnny both get tagged in and exchange some hard blows in the center of the ring. Aries shoots off the ropes and is met by a high kick from Johnny.

Johnny throws Aries into the ropes and Aries gets trapped up in them. Aries flops back down onto the mat and Johnny goes for a big flip off the top, Aries moves, Johnny lands on his feet and Aries muscles him into the Last Chancery.

Johnny does not tap so Aries picks him up and goes for a suplex. Johnny pushes Aries off him into the ropes and lays him out with a crescent kick. Aries manages to get to his corner and tags in Moose. Moose hits a discus lariat and Edwards runs into the ring with the kendo stick. Moose sends Edwards to the outside. Bahh takes down Aries, Edwards comes back in the ring and hits a suicide dive on Moose. Bahh teases a jump to the outside and Aries hits him from behind.

Aries is alone in the ring, Johnny hits him from behind and then nails Starship Pain. Johnny goes for the pin and Kross pulls him to the outside. Kross attacks Johnny and rolls him in to Aries. Aries lifts Johnny and hits the brainbuster for the pin.

Winners: Austin Aries, Killer Kross and Moose

Aries, Kross and Moose pose on the ring apron after the match.

A hype package airs for Abyss' induction into the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame. It will air this Saturday night on Impact's Twitch channel.

Josh Mathews runs down the entire Bound For Glory card in a really slick New York styled package.

Father Jim Mitchell is shown in a gothic church playing the organ. Allie walks up from behind him and Mitchell says he knew that he would see her. Allie needs his help to get her to the Undead Realm. Mitchell asks her if she is looking to take back her soul and she says no. Mitchell says body and soul and that she is living as only a half human. He goes on to say that after Su put her through that coffin Allie's soul belongs to "him" now, and point to hell. Allie says she needs to go down there to get Kiera and drag her out. Mitchell says he is a sucker for a pretty face. He'll help her but he's going to want a favor later, he doesn't reveal what that is. Mitchell says to meet him Sunday night. The coffin will be open and she will be able to enter the Undead Realm. There are no guarantees she will get her friend back. The two shake hands, Mitchell laughs maniacally and they fade to black.

Keyra vs Impact Wrestling Knockout's Champion Tessa Blanchard (Non-Title Match)

The two lock up in the middle of the ring before pushing each other away. They come back to the center of the ring and exchange punches. Keyra sends Tessa to the corner and attacks. As Tessa stumbles out of the corner Keyre kicks her in the gut. Tessa folds over and falls into the corner. Keyra with another big hit and Tessa rolls to the outside.

Keyra runs off the ring apron and goes for a hurricanrana. Tessa stops her momentum and turns the move into a running powerbomb into the ring post. Tessa rolls Keyra back into the ring and applies an abdominal stretch. Keyra manages to escape, charges Tessa and gets kicked in the face. Tessa goes after Keyra and instead gets thrown into the corner. The two go back and forth throwing each other into the corners and hitting forearms. Tessa eventually goes down and Keyra hits a running dropkick in the corner. Keyra goes for a pin and only get two.

Tessa gets to her feet as Keyra charges at her in the corner with a big boot. Keyra gets grabbed by Tessa into a back suplex. Tessa picks her up and hits the Buzzsaw DDT for the win.

Winner: Impact Wrestling Knockout's Champion Tessa Blanchard

LAX and OGz will have their summit to close the show.

LAX vs OGz Summit

King starts the summit by saying that he will end the myth and legend that is Konnan. He goes on to say that Konnan shouldn't, "trust these two marks," when talking about Santana and Ortiz. He says he's not sorry about putting the hit out on Konnan and that it doesn't affect his mentality. This Sunday their feud will end and OGz will live forever.

Konnan responds in Spanish. The crowd starts chanting for Mexico. Konnan says the translation for what he just said is that all of the people in this building will help him kick their ass. Konnan puts over their 5150 Street Fight and says that King came into their clubhouse and disrespected them. Konnan goes back to speaking in Spanish and the crowd chants "Konnan".

Konnan says that he raised King and validated him. He goes on to say he validated all three of them. Konnan says the bosses aren't happy and the cease fire between them ends right now. Konnan decks King and chaos breaks out as they throw to a Bound For Glory package.

Impact Wrestling Champion Austin Aries and Johnny Impact were both guests on our WINCLY podcast today. You can hear their full, heated comments in the embedded player below:


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