Jazz On Why She Doesn't "Give A Damn" About WWE's Evolution

Jazz didn't have the lengthiest of runs in WWE, but she did manage to win the Women's Championship twice. Both times she took the title away from Trish Stratus who will be returning to the ring at WWE Evolution as she teams with Lita to take on Mickie James and Alexa Bliss.

Even though Stratus credits Jazz with helping her develop in the ring and called her "Hall of Fame level," Jazz won't be appearing at Evolution and hasn't stepped foot in a WWE ring in over 10 years.

Jazz talked about the first WWE all-women's pay-per-view when she appeared on the Duke Loves Rasslin' podcast.

"I never thought I'd ever see that but I'm glad they're finally opening their eyes and giving women a showcase for their abilities on such a platform," stated Jazz. "For so many years they just wanted T and A out there and now they're giving women an opportunity to wrestle."

Jazz has been wrestling on the indie circuit for the last few years and at 45 years old she's still going strong. She is the current NWA World Women's Champion, and while she's happy for the progress of women in wrestling, she could care less about WWE making history.

"I don't give a damn about their Evolution because as the NWA Women's Champion I'm creating my own Evolution. It's about me," exclaimed Jazz.

In the interview Jazz also talked about wanting more mixed tag matches alongside her husband, former WWE Superstar Rodney Mack. She even called out WWE's power couple, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

"What I'm interested in is doing mixed tags. I'm really pulling for someone to book Rodney and myself as a tag team. You can say whatever you want but we really are the power couple when it comes to wrestling in this industry," said Jazz. "I'm talking about my husband Rodney Mack okay? We are pound-for-pound the baddest dogs around and we claim it! If Stephanie McMahon and Triple H want a match just let me know, do I sign a piece of paper or just show up with my gear? You think I would back down from that? Stephanie? Oh my God; PLEASE!"

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Source: Duke Loves Rasslin'