Impact Wrestling superstar Johnny Impact is currently a contestant on the 37th season of the reality competition series, Survivor. Impact recently spoke to Wrestling Inc. managing editor Nick Hausman, who is a huge Survivor fan, about his experience on the show.

Three episodes into Survivor: David vs Goliath, Impact is holding his own and hasn’t faced elimination yet. He wasn’t able to talk too extensively about the show because he didn’t want to spoil anything, but he did discuss his an opponent named Christian, who seems to be an early rival.

“Christian is a robotics professor,” Impact said. “From what I’ve seen of him on TV, that’s how I’m gonna frame this conversation, he’s a charismatic guy.”

Christian had mentioned Slam Town on the show and as the Mayor of Slam Town, Impact found it amusing. He is also fond of the term Christian came up with for residents of Slam Town, dubbing them “Slam-tonians.”

“I love that he’s talking about Slam Town and Slam-tonians,” Impact said. “It’s super funny to hear that conversation, it’s actually fun and endearing to think that’s what the fans are talking about. I’m sure they’re talking about a million other things, but at one point Slam Town was in their thoughts, and I like that.”

As a professional wrestler and standout athlete, Impact likely holds a physical advantage over most of the other contestants. He told Hausman that he sometimes had to downplay his physical abilities as a strategy for making it further on the show.

“I was really excited to be there and participate in the challenges, and I thought I did really well on a lot of them,” he said. “But part of the strategy of Survivor is sometimes downplaying your strengths, which is all part of your overall strategic arc in the game.”

Impact then had to cut himself off, laughed and proposed to return for an exit interview when his run on the show ends. The next episode of Survivor: David vs Goliath premieres on Wednesday, October 17.