Former IWGP United States Champion, Juice Robinson dropped the title to Cody Rhodes last month, and the former champion was in action couple of days ago at the King of Pro-Wrestling event, where he teamed up with Toa Henare in a losing effort.

After the match, Juice cut yet another impassioned promo, and talked about losing the United States title to Cody. Robinson also vowed to get back into title contention, and admitted that Cody was the better man when they last faced each other.

“I lose all the damn time”, Juice explained. “I’ve lost my entire career. Everywhere I’ve went I lost. It all started coming together when I came here in 2015, and yeah, it was a long road. But fast forward to 2018, I was the U. S. Champion. And you know what? That meant the world to me. Yeah, I lost to Cody Rhodes. Cody; I’m sorry, we’re not even going to say ‘Rhodes’ anymore I guess. But wrestling is in his blood. Cody is a great wrestler, and I walked into the Pyramid thinking, ‘Oh he’s going to pull your tights. He’s going to hit you in your kintama. He’s going to throw you into the fence, body slam you onto the ground. He’s going to hit you with a chair, he’s going to pull your hair, gauge your eyes. He’s going to have his beautiful wife Brandi stick her nose where it doesn’t belong’.

“You know what? Out of all those things, he only did about two or three of them. Anyways, I lost to a better wrestler. What am I going to do, cry about it? No! I’m going to start over. I’m tagging with Henare in the second match, I’ll get to that in a second. I’ll win; I’ll earn my way back to a championship match, trust me there.”