Matt Hardy Talks Status With WWE, Possible Return To In-Ring Action

In mid-September Matt Hardy suggested that his in-ring career was over when he told fans it was "time for me to go home." Hardy finished up his advertised commitments with WWE and many thought they had seen the last of him in the ring.


Hardy appeared on Lilian Garcia's podcast when he discussed what he meant by his comments and what his WWE future holds.

"Well, that's funny because, once again, people had quoted that I had left WWE and threw around the word "retirement." But typically when someone teases it, it's retirement but I never said retirement," stated Hardy. "I said that I needed to go home, which I really did after being there for a year-and-a-half and working on a full time schedule the entire time I was there.

"Obviously, I am not a spring chicken anymore. I have been doing this for 26 years in October [of 2018]. I needed to go home and needed to address some issues that I was having with my lower back and my hips. If I can bounce back from those issues and get back into the ring and be physical in the ring that is great, and if I can't then I will do whatever we need to do on air to be entertaining for Matt Hardy. But as far as leaving WWE that hasn't happened."


Being off television for a couple of weeks gave Hardy the time he needed to film a WWE Network special that aired after Evolution.

"I am still with WWE. Being off gave us time to work on this first episode of 'House of Hardy' special on the WWE Network. I am still with WWE full-fledged. I am waving the flag. I am in the trenches. I have been off TV for a little bit to take care of some injuries," said Hardy.

Hardy made his mark as a part of a tag team, but he's also had a decorated singles career. However, he admits that both he and Jeff Hardy were a bit hesitant to split their tag team up when WWE first approached them to do so.

"I think once we first made it to WWE and doing the stuff with Edge, Christian and the Dudley Boyz, yeah, I think certainly we were fulfilled, and we wanted to do more of what we were doing. We wanted to continue to make art, make magic, you know, so there was a point where I didn't feel as though I was fulfilled," revealed Hardy. "I think we always wanted to do more and see what was next. I remember this from December 2001 where Jeff and I were on the verge of splitting up and going our own ways. I think even at that point we were uncomfortable with it because WWE had just brought up other talented singles guys, and we didn't really feel like we were comfortable working singles, including Jeff, and I think right there we were like, woah, let's put on the brakes. We need to spread our wings in the tag division a little bit longer, so there were moments we were hesitant to do things."


As Matt and Jeff gained more seasoning in a WWE ring, their outlook on being singles competitors changed. Matt looked back on his runs as a singles star and discussed what was so fulfilling about them.

"I think in 2008-2009 when we were put together [facing each other] we both loved it. Some of the creative that we had I wish would have been a little bit different, but we enjoyed it. When we worked together and did the #BROKEN stuff in TNA where I was #BROKEN Matt Hardy and he was Brother Nero we both loved it, especially I am partial to that stuff because we both had full creative say in what we were doing so yeah, we both enjoyed working together.

"There comes a point in time where you realize that you had done everything that you could as a team, and that is something that we can always go back to and when we do it would be special since we are both known for that. Then, you do want this challenge in doing your own, and growing on your own and creating. I feel like being fulfilled is involved, when I get to do things that I am happy with and creative with where I can think outside the box I am usually always fulfilled."

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Source: Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia

Peter Bahi contributed to this article.