– A new episode of WWE Marquee Matches will premiere on the WWE Network at 11pm ET tonight. The episode focuses on WWE Hall of Famers Trish Stratus and Lita main eventing RAW on December 6, 2004. Above is video.

– The WWE Evolution Kickoff pre-show is currently scheduled to begin at 6pm ET on Sunday on the WWE Network. WWE is teasing a match for the pre-show but nothing has been announced as of this writing. The Evolution main show is currently scheduled to run from 7pm ET until 10:30pm ET. The thirty-minute House Hardy Halloween special is scheduled to premiere after Evolution.

– As seen below, WWE NXT Superstar Matt Riddle took to Twitter and responded to recent Facebook Q&A comments made by WWE Intercontinental Champion and new RAW Tag Team Champion Seth Rollins.

When asked who he would like to face in the ring, Rollins said, “I know he’s new, but Matt Riddle. He’s someone who’s super talented and has an interesting skill set, a different style. I’m always intrigued by different styles, I feel like I can have a good match with anybody and I’d like to see how Riddle and my style mesh together.”