Former WWE Diva and Women’s Champion Melina recently took part in an interview for the Ring The Belle YouTube channel.

During her appearance, Melina took the time to respond to Naomi’s recent comment that she is her dream opponent.

“I wanted to hug her face off. That’s so sweet.” She continued, “I would love to have a match with her. I would love it. She’s such a good person. I know that we could make magic together.”

Melina went on to speak about the importance of having good chemistry with opponents. This led her to touch on Mickie James and the energy they were able to bring to their matches. Including their infamous 2007 Falls Count Anywhere Match on WWE RAW.

“We had such great chemistry and that’s because we are friends.” Going further she teased, “The creativity between the both of us was just so amazing. I feel like it’s going to be the same way with Trinity (aka Naomi).”

While her match with Mickie James was a classic it doesn’t sound like she is a big fan of gimmick matches. When pressed to discuss what gimmick matches she would like to compete in that she didn’t seem to bite.

“When I see the girls and they have all these cage matches and stuff… it is exciting. At the same time, I am proud of what we did. If you can tell a story without needing assisted tools, it’s great.” She was also quick to point out, “If you do them all the time it takes away. It doesn’t mean anything. That match itself doesn’t mean anything. You use that without actually telling a story.”

Melina has largely played coy in interviews recently about a possible in-ring return. It’s definitely interesting that she is talking in such upbeat terms about possibly returning to action.