As seen above, TMZ Sports caught up with Randy Orton at the airport as the WWE crew was flying out to Saudi Arabia for Friday’s Crown Jewel event.

When asked what Orton was expecting from the trip, he joked that he was expecting “a long flight, s–tty airplane food and a hot plane.”

TMZ also asked The Apex Predator about John Cena and Daniel Bryan pulling out of the Crown Jewel event, presumably over the controversy surrounding the Kingdom following the state-sponsored death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

“Does he still wrestle? I didn’t know he pulled out,” Orton said of Cena.

Orton was then asked if WWE Superstars are uncomfortable with making the trip to the Kingdom.

“We’re at the airport, aren’t we?,” Orton laughed.

Orton then responded to a question on if he had concerns about receiving bad publicity for working the Crown Jewel event.

“I’ve got 5 kids, I gotta go make that dollar. If they want me in Saudi, I’m going to Saudi,” Orton said.

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