– The new “Superstar Picks: Kevin Owens” WWE Network Collection is now live. Above is a clip of Owens talking about why Big Show vs. Brock Lesnar from Survivor Series 2002 remains one of his all-time favorite matches.

– Sasha Banks was not backstage for last night’s WWE RAW in Seattle, according to PWInsider. Banks is currently out of action with an undisclosed injury and as we’ve noted, the company is staying quiet on what’s keeping her out. There’s no word yet on when she will be back in action.

– As noted, Shelton Benjamin will face Daniel Bryan on tonight’s WWE SmackDown. The match was made after Benjamin vented on Twitter this weekend about not getting a match this summer, telling SmackDown General Manager Paige that he wanted to be booked. Below is video of Benjamin reacting to the match.

“I’d like to say, thank you Paige,” Benjamin said. “Thank you for putting me back on SmackDown Live, because you know, sitting in the back every week eating catering just wasn’t my cup of tea. Know what’s funny? I’ve been a three-time Intercontinental Champion, a two-time Tag Team Champion, and a United States Champion, but all I had to do to get back on SmackDown Live was to send a tweet. Ha, interesting. But you know what? Most importantly, Daniel Bryan… we will fight.”