One of the weirdest wrestling stories over the last year was the saga of Neville and WWE. The two-time Cruiserweight Champion walked out on the company last October due to unhappiness and never appeared in WWE again. But he remained under contract until August 2018 so not only was Neville not appearing in WWE, but he was not appearing anywhere due to WWE holding his rights.

Neville finally returned to the ring earlier this week with Dragon Gate in Japan. Sean Waltman discussed Neville’s wrestling return and what he envisions Neville’s plan as going forward.

“I am guessing that he’s not gonna put all his eggs in one basket,” Waltman said on his X-Pac 1,2,360 podcast. “The thing these days is not to do that, it’s to have a lot of different things going on. That’s just not wrestling folks, that’s life these days, anything you’re doing, diversify. Do not give one particular entity all the power? Anywhere that he shows up is a huge positive for whatever promotion he turns up in? The only reason you’re not talking about him as the best in the world is because he hasn’t wrestled in a while. Watch him enter that conversation rather quickly moving forward.”

Waltman also talked about his potential return to the ring after he was asked about it by NWA Vice President Dave Lagana.

“After Dave came on the show, he mentioned to me if I was interested in participating and I put some serious thought into it,” Waltman admitted. “And I am just not sure right now, not that I won’t be in the future. Just like with the Battle Royal [at “All In”]. Maybe sometime in the near future, I’ll feel comfortable doing that. I am comfortable going and having matches but on a bigger stage and that many people watching, I’d want to be sharper.”

Waltman was then asked if he would want to face the current NWA Heavyweight Champion, Cody.

“Of course in my mind I would but I’d have to have some singles matches before I even think about that. I talked to Nick Aldis in private about it or he mentioned it to me and when he did I thought about it. And I am like I don’t think I can do it, you know, do it justice at that time. I am grateful for that and it’s flattering and it makes me feel good,” said Waltman.

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