Shaul Guerrero spoke with about signing with WWE in 2010, following the legacy of Eddie and Vickie Guerrero, Divas, and more. Here are some of the highlights:

How is growing up in a known pro wrestling family?

“Growing up in a wrestling family was not ordinary. You always had people knowing who your family was or making a big deal of what your parents did for a living. But dad and mom always taught us to be humble and they lead by example. Dad was the most humble person I knew and he always was the harshest critique of his art. It was exciting having our family vacation every year be WrestleMania and I loved growing up in the women’s locker room and being in awe of the powerful women I was surrounded by. But there is also a great burden of doing your absolute best and the shadow of greatness that you are expected to measure up to.”

It’s hard to leave the shadow of a big figure, like Eddie Guerrero. Your mother Vickie could, creating her own legacy. Do you think it’s hard? Do you think it gives you extra pressure?

“Mom and dad always expressed how proud they were of my sisters and I. There was no doubt of that. They wanted us to find what we loved and do it to the best of our abilities. The pressure I felt of needing to measure up came when I went into the wrestling business. The pressure was too much for me at one point and I turned to my eating disorder to cope. Now that I am in recovery I have to manage that pressure and understand that my journey will never be my mom’s, dad’s, Chavo’s or anyone of the other greats in my family. This is my story and I will write it and express myself my way. Trying to be what fans or producers thought ‘Eddie Guerrero’s Daughter’ should be only limited my creativity and belief in who I was.”

How did your family take your decision to sign with WWE and follow your father and mother footsteps?

“At first they were very frank with me about how difficult this business was. Of course my mom was worried about my body and how it would handle the wrestling. But my mom has always been my biggest cheerleader and supported me 100%. Dad when he was alive felt the same worry and didn’t want me to deal with the politics of the business. However, when I showed him I was serious about learning at a young age he agreed to train me. Unfortunately as we all know he was taken from us too soon.”

In 2012, you left WWE, but made your return in 2013. Why did you take this choice?

“I missed the people, I missed the ring and I missed the lifestyle of what it takes to be a wrestler. WWE has always been my second family and they always will. But I felt strong enough after being in rehab for so long from my eating disorder to come back and face the scrutiny of being in the public eye.”

Now, you have signed a contract with Women’s of Wrestling (WOW) as ring announcer. What made you make the decision?

“David McLane discovered me when I was visiting Lucha Underground and called me up to ask if I wanted to be a part of WOW. It was an easy decision! This company is fantastic and backs the women’s evolution. Women have always had the ability to carry their own show … we just needed the opportunity. The quality and integrity is through the roof and I am honored to be considered to replace his iconic position as the announcer for the show. And not many people know this but I love to announce. Matt Martlaro taught me back in FCW and I always had the best time performing in that way. Not to mention the best seat in the house!”

Between NXT and WOW, did you have offers from other promotions?

“Yes of course! I have worked for several other companies since NXT and WOW. You will just have to stay tuned and all will be revealed in time.”

You’re married to Aiden English. Right now, he is in a feud with Rusev and Lana. Would you help him as his tag team partner?

“If the opportunity to work along side my husband ever comes up I would jump on it in a heartbeat. No questions asked. He is my ‘familia’ and as a Guerrero you don’t screw with our family.”

In FCW you were the FCW Divas Champion. Now, the word Divas is erased. Sometimes, WWE uses the word Diva as insult. Sasha Banks and Charlotte said they aren’t divas, they are wrestlers. However, Maria, Carmella and Paige asked for respect for the word and the previous divas. What do you think?

“I grew up with the Divas and was a Diva when with FCW and NXT. The term is a double edged sword. Divas paved the way for us. I will always respect those women and what we had to deal with to reach the level of the term ‘Superstar’ we have today. We always deserved to be on the same roster and held to the same standards as men. I agree we should all be categorized under one label but I do not discount the strides Divas had to go through to get us here. Without those women we would not be here today.”